Monthly Archives: May 2013

What an Ass!

The Ristorante has a new cook, Valentina Nappi, and the beautiful Italian has prepared a menu for us with the best Italian food. First, natural tits alla napolitan but the second dish is the best, a great ass, two fleshy buttocks with only some olive oil to enhance its juiciness.

What an Ass! starring Valentina Nappi

Strip Poke

Danny is introducing hot teen exchange student Valentina Nappi to her new roommates. They’re bored and it’s raining, so the sexy Italian suggests a friendly game of strip poker. In no time the chips, cards, and titties are flying everywhere, and lucky Danny wins the biggest haul of all: Valentina’s perfect ass.

Strip Poke starring Valentina Nappi

Wacky Van

There’s nothing like inviting a wicked girl like Valentina Nappi in our van. One of the funniest and most surreal scenes ensues. The horniest and hottest Italian girl of the porn industry will be in charge of the FuckinVan and she will also have to handle all the cocks she’ll find on board.

Wacky Van starring Valentina Nappi