Monthly Archives: April 2014

Naughty Office

Dane, the IT guy, responds to a call from the new employee Valentina Nappi who is having password trouble. He lets her know it’s a problem with the computer and restarts it. He asks her to go eat since they are just waiting there and Valentina would love for him to eat, specifically some Italian. She made a good choice, because Dane loves Italian food. She sits on the edge of her desk spreading her legs giving Dane the idea of what Italian dish he’s eating tonight. He’ll just have to tell HR that it’s a good team building exercise between departments.

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My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Bill picks up his dad’s girlfriend Valentina Nappi from the airport, because his dad is busy on a business trip. Once home, Bill gets a call from his dad stating that he won’t be home for the rest of the night. On his way to tell Valentina that his dad won’t be home, he accidentally walks in on her changing. He apologizes and excuses himself to his room where he starts to jack off while thinking of Valentina’s hot naked body. Valentina walks in on him as he’s stroking his cock, and confesses to Bill that his dad never fucks her because he’s too old. She’s craving cock, and since she can’t get it from Bill’s old man, she decides to get it from Bill.

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