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Enjoy My Husband

Having moved into a nice, new suburban neighborhood, Charity Crawford is intrigued by the couple across the street. They seem nice, friendly, young and attractive. One day they invite her over for an early glass of wine and dinner, but before the husband can finish sauteing the vegetables, his wife Valentina Nappi is already giving the Charity a surprise, sensual welcome. After enjoying watching his wife kiss and caress the beautiful young lady, unveiling her beautifully trim body, he soon moves in for a scorching yet sensual threesome as the two ladies put their lips and tongues on his engorged cock and take turns as he drives his phallus into their willing, wet love nests for a piece de resistance that she never thought possible.

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Valentina And Eden Fake GG

Today our director is really pissed off, and the two sluts of the day are the stunning babes Valentina Nappi and Eden Sin. The scenario is pretty gonzo and it’s supposed to be a nice girl-girl scene, but after the director leaves the room, the girls jump on the PA’s cock! The director comes back and finds all of them fucking on the couch and he just keeps the camera rolling. It’s a great steamy scene and Valentina and Eden are the prefect performers for this last minute change of plan.

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